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MLS # 1528308Suffolk - 689 Lake Meade DrOffered at $1,850,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 4/4Year Built: 1997View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1529534York County - 1116 Wormley Creek DriveOffered at $1,280,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 4/5Year Built: 2015View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1511972Newport News - 31 Scufflefield RdOffered at $775,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/5Year Built: 1991View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1517999Suffolk - 6034 Spinnaker CoveOffered at $759,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/4Year Built: 2005View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1445173Suffolk - 5104 W CreekOffered at $749,900Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/4Year Built: 2001View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1508195York County - 1007 Bay Tree Beach RoadOffered at $749,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/3Year Built: 2015View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1501978Suffolk - 4007 Evan CircleOffered at $679,900Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/4Year Built: 2014View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1519799Suffolk - 6108 W Shallowford CtOffered at $624,900Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/5Year Built: 2005View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1517017York County - 110 Moyock RunOffered at $600,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 5/3Year Built: 2002View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
MLS # 1454150Suffolk - 4111 Colbourn DrOffered at $600,000Single FamilyBed/Bath: 4/3Year Built: 2015View DetailsBroker Reciprocity
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